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TGP Actions {TG Dream Cream Baby}

Image of TGP Actions {TG Dream Cream Baby}

Visit this link to view a video demonstration and check out this set in action:

TG ACTIONS {TG Dream Cream Baby} includes 1 action to create soft, creamy edit to enhance your newborn images.

This actions was created is compatible with Photoshop version CS2 and higher.

Terms of Use

All actions are copyright protected material and the intellectual property of TG Photography, unless
otherwise noted. These products are registered under US copyright law and are not to be redistributed,
resold, or shared in any form. Violation of this licensing agreement will lead to prosecution.

You acknowledge that by purchasing these actions, the ownership of the actions does not get transferred to you and
you must not claim ownership of the action set. Your license is non-transferable and you are not allowed to
modify, share, disassemble, copy steps, decode, sub-license, lease, sell, loan, give or rent the actions or any of the
components to anyone else.

This actions was created is compatible with Photoshop version CS2 and higher. It is the purchasers responsibility to have basic knowledge of loading and running actions and working with layer masks. These actions may be installed on all computers directly owned by the purchaser of the action set. By purchasing
these actions, you agree to not resell or redistribute these actions to others. The work you create using these actions may be
used for personal photos and/or photos you create then resell to clients as FLATTENED digital files or printed files. Layered
files using TGP Actions may not be resold or distributed to your client. You may not modify or alter the action set and then
resell them as your own. You may not dissect the actions and then use the contents in your own products for resale.

You acknowledge that all actions sales are final. Under no circumstances will TG Photography accept returns or offer refunds
on action purchases.


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